Gideon Ademola

My name is Gideon Ademola, I am your reliable Property Investment Advisor and Real Estate Consultant
I am a trained and registered Realtor and a Senior Partner at Fourtnee Realtors where we partnered with some Renowned Real Estate companies here in Nigeria, which we recommend to you, after doing our due diligence to bring you genuine and affordable properties.
These companies have verifiable title documents and their properties are located at serene & secured environment in investment-worthy locations.
Do you want to get value for your hard-earned money?
Then you need to ask me how to invest in Real Estateā€¦
I am dedicated to and passionate about helping you make wise decisions about the property you invest your money into and achieve the goals you have for making such investment which includes maximizing profit.
I will always put your interest first, answer all your questions, and give you professional advice for free.
Most of the properties we sell are lands and but we have houses available on off-plan (pay on installment while the company builds it for you) which is cheaper and you can choose to sell or rent it out after completion.
Want to buy a property but not sure which area you should buy from?
Talk to me today and give me a chance to help you do things right.
Fourtnee realtors is a real estate marketing firm that brings you value for a property, saves you search time, and presents the most affordable pricing offers.

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